POSTNET bar code


This tip works in Microsoft Word 2013

What happened to the POSTNET bar code for Envelopes and Labels? It was an option than many used for bulk mailing for a discount and thought to speed up mail delivery. Well, Microsoft’s comment is as follows The POSTNET bar code that Word generates no longer qualifies for USPS bulk mailing discounts see KB897290, so they removed it from the envelope option. Also, it appears that the Post Office has decided to switch to a new Intelligent Mail barcode but have not implemented it. Here is some information on the new Intelligent Mail barcode if you are interested.

Sample Code 85340-5131

Inserting Bar Code Manually

You can still enter it manually into a document, just follow the directions below.

  1. With the envelope or labels displayed on the screen
  2. Insert tab | Text group | Quick Parts button | Field
  3. Select BarCode from the list of Field names
  4. Check Bar code is US zip code
  5. Type the zip code, (i.e., 85340-5131)
  6. Click OK

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