Slide Master View

The steps below are for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Have you ever wanted to add a background image to all slides such as a logo, or change the font, size, and color of the Title for all slides? Maybe you want to change the bullet image or space between the bullets? This can all be done on the first slide in the Slide Master view. It allows you to quickly change the defaults for font, color, background, bullets images, spacing, and indention for all slides. You can also duplicate the entire layout to have different colors or duplicate one slide layout and customized it. Any new slide you create will display when adding a new slide or changing the slide layout…but we’ll do that in another tip.

  1. View tab | Master Layout group |Slide Master button
  2. Change slide elements, e.g., Font Size of Title
  3. Click on each Slide Layout to change or add additional elements

Top Slide is the master (not layout) Background, Bullets, Titles, Fonts, Font Size. Add logo here and in a layout.

Note: Can remove image from one slide

Tip: Can Add a Second Slide Master for maybe two color schemes or font options or maybe a no logo option.

  1. When finished, click Close Master View button

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