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Outlook - Automatically File Low Priority Emails

Outlook – Automatically File Low Priority Emails

Rules can automatically move low priority message to a folder based on the sender’s e‑mail address, subject keywords, or the message body text and more. Move Item to Folder based on Sender Right-click e-mail message Select Rules | Always Move Messages From… The Rules and Alerts dialog box displays Specify a folder and click OK…

Outlook - Find Related

Outlook – Find Related

Find Related quickly finds all messages from sender or conversation (subject text). Filtering by Subject or Sender From within an Outlook folder such as Mail folder, Right-click a message from the list (don’t open the message) Select Find Related Select either “Messages in This Conversation” or “Messages from Sender” It filters messages using the criteria…

Word - Quickly Insert Repetitive Text

Quickly Insert Common Text

Anything that you create on a routine basis can be automated using Quick Parts or Auto Text. Do you find yourself repeatedly typing information such as your notary, signature block, pleading captions, mailing certifications, or optional agreement verbiage?  In Microsoft Outlook and Word there’s a feature called Quick Parts it’s simply a tool that allows…