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Quickly Insert Common Text

Anything that you create on a routine basis can be automated using Quick Parts or Auto Text. Create New Building Block Select text, paragraph, or pages of text Select Insert tab | Text group | Quick Parts button| Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery…. Provide name and description for the New Building Block, i.e., 1Thank…


Excel – Printing Large Spreadsheets

Often law firms receive large spreadsheets from clients that need to be printed or converted to PDF.  These documents are not typically setup to print but only to view on screen.  So you may need to know how to fit all columns on the page to print and add a header or footer.  Without some…


Slide Master View

The steps below are for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Have you ever wanted to add a background image to all slides such as a logo, or change the font, size, and color of the Title for all slides? Maybe you want to change the bullet image or space between the bullets? This can all be done on…